Cationic polyelectrolytes are generally used at excess activated and chemichal treatment sludge dewatering processes as flocculation agent. To maximize the efficiency of dewatering equipment such as belt filter press or centifruge decantor , cationic flocculants dosed into stream just before sludge enter to the equipment in order to separate the water and solid matters phases.


Anionic polyelectrolytes is mostly utilized to make settled the suspended solid matters , trace elements , heavy metals , colloids and remove chemichal oxygen demand via corrupting stabilization resulted from repulsion force among particulates in wastewater and absorbing the pollutant materials which is called as ‘’flocculation’’ in the engineering terminology. After flocculation takes place in treatment unit , floc structures are allowed to settle down easily by gravity.


Most common purpose of use organic coagulants is to remove suspended solid matters , turbidity, chemichal oxygen demand , trace elements , colloids and total dissolved solids from raw and wastewater. Furthermore , they are generally used at potable water and wastewater treatment plants to bring about coagulation in the rapid mixing reactors , same as conventional coagulants , to have a perfect flocculation and dosed into stream just before flocculant is added to slow mixing reactors.


That improper retention time is allocated for microbiological activity at biological treatment units and some particular type of wastewater included surfactant income to the plant generally cause foam which is very hard to deal with. That situation causes equipments such as aerators , pumps etc. are put down or broken and serious lack of dissolved oxygen which is very essential for microbiological activity is able to maintain itself properly. Thus , in such cases , DEFOA series of defoamer products are very effective to eliminate such terrible problem at the wastewater treatment plants.


Color remover products are ; in fact , very high cationicly charged organic coagulants and provides perfect color elimination of particularly textile and paint industry based color from wastewater. They are dosed into stream at the same point with organic coagulants but in some cases it might be better to inject them into flow equalization tank or just before final clarifiers.